Literary Citizenship

I am new to this, really. Or maybe I am not. Maybe it was in my bones all this time, but I never took the time to nourish and groom the Literary Citizen in me. I guess I have to comb the knots out of it now and give it some TLC.

I had heard of Literary Citizenship before, and was fascinated with how people could both, appreciate the art I hope to someday become a part of, while also becoming a part of the community. They value all aspects of it and share their thoughts with the world.

Cathy Day, in her Literary Citizenship blog, shares the principles of Literary Citizenship. She explains (in six points) that it is about engaging with this world and sharing your appreciation with others. Renegade Writers’ Collective also enforces the same idea: “Literary Citizens work to nourish, cultivate, and engage with a community that values and supports the arts.” Become immersed in this world. Become connected and then share this connection to others.


Read. Write. Review. Reach out to others who have inspired, empowered, helped, or simply given you a good read. Support them because they have supported you through their writing and work.

But could I do it?

I used to question and doubt my abilities because, who really wants to know what I think? Could I do the same thing these writers, editors, reviewers etc. do? This self-doubt held me back from diving into the pool with the rest of them. But I do cherish and support the same things all these other people do. And what I came to finally understand is that I should tell others what I think of this book I read last week or that poetry reading I went to the other day. I should support those who are involved in the same art that I have loved since I was a child reading books upside-down.

So that’s what I am going to do. Finally!

What you will find in this blog is all of the above. You will find my engagement and support with this world because, to me, it keeps the world a better place.


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