Fan Letter: EJ Koh

Dear EJ Koh,

You made me appreciate the use of a turn in a poem. Usually, poetic turns can either succeed in creating abrupt twists or fail in conjuring such emotions.

You have most definitely succeeded.

Inspired by yours, I have now tried to use them in my own writing – both poetry and short story. I want to keep my readers on their toes just as you have done with me.

Also, thank you for my yearly service check.

Best Regards,


2 comments on “Fan Letter: EJ Koh

  1. Dear Vanesa,

    This was written in October. It’s January and I discover it now? Inexcusable.
    Thank you for reading my work. It’s rare that a poet gets a fan letter. For me, this was a yearly service check. I’m excited I found you and I’ll be sure to check in with your writing here and there.

    All my love and gratitude,

    • It’s a surprise that you would stumble upon my page. As always, when other writers whom I admire read my letters or writing, I feel honored and grateful.

      Thank you for responding. I will definitely continue reading your work.


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