Mondays: Prose Poem

A prose poem from a series based on strange, graphic events that occur in this person’s life. 

The prose poem and I have a love/hate relationship. While I enjoy this form of poetry, as it resembles a story, it is also still poetry and requires just as much thought as any other poem would. Although I seem to struggle with writing such poems – I constantly walk away from them before completion – I am intrigued enough by the form and what I could potentially write that I return, over and over again, to start new ones or continue ones I had previously abandoned.

The prose poem is, according to, “a composition written as prose but having the concentrated, rhythmic, figurative language characteristic of poetry.” also explains this type of poetry similarly: “while it lacks the line breaks associated with poetry, the prose poem maintains a poetic quality, often utilizing techniques common to poetry, such as fragmentation, compression, repetition, and rhyme. The prose poem can range in length from a few lines to several pages long, and it may explore a limitless array of styles and subjects.” 

Attempting to write poems in such a way may seem strange and against the grain of what a poem should be, but at the same time, it keeps poetry interesting and keeps writing (and writers) challenging. 


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